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Canaan Christian Academy realizes that technology is advancing and is a part of our society and our educational process.  While students have the availability of computers and technology at home, many have not learned the usefulness of these tools along with the vast uses for educational purposes.  We believe it is our responsibility to teach proper use and software for a student to be prepared for further education and lifelong job implications.  We also have a strong sense of responsibility when it comes to technology safety with the use of the internet.  While there are many useful tools on the internet, there are also many harmful items.  We desire to keep our students safe and secure by teaching them the proper use of the internet and filtering harmful websites while they are at school.  We also have a technology statement our students and families sign to use the internet while at school.  Computer courses are offered to students in grades three through twelve.  Our desire is to offer more opportunities in computer education in the future.