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Canaan Christian Academy is a private Christian school that must charge tuition to cover teachers’ salaries and operational expenses. We desire to keep tuition at an affordable rate, but we also want to help families make Christian education affordable. We have partnered with Great Lakes Scrip Center to offer scrip for our parents. Parents can order Scrip cards weekly for stores at which they regularly shop, such as grocery stores, retail stores, gas stations, and many more. Each Scrip card ordered has a rebate that goes into an account to help each family pay its tuition. The percent for each Scrip card can range from 1% to sometimes 18%. When you order a $25 Scrip card with a 4% rebate, you receive the $25 card and have $1.00 placed in your account for tuition credit. The more you use Scrip, the more you save toward your tuition. Some families have earned over a $1000 in a year to help with their tuition.