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School Profile


Community:  Canaan Christian Academy is located in Lake Ariel, PA in Wayne County.  Canaan is just over Archbald Mountain northeast of Scranton and north of the Poconos. 


History:  Canaan Christian Academy, a ministry of Canaan Bible Chapel, was established in 1978.


Purpose:  The purpose of Canaan Christian Academy is to train Christian young people in the nurture and admonition of the Lord.  The education of a child is the responsibility of the parent.  CCA assists the parent in this responsibility by educating the child spiritually, mentally, physically, and socially.


Characteristics of CCA:  The Academy contains four-year-old pre-school through twelfth grade.  The student population is 180 students with approximately 56% in the elementary.  The school is predominantly a college preparatory school with the emphasis on students doing their best for the Lord.


Faculty:  Each faculty member has at least a four-year college degree in their respective areas and is encouraged to be certified by the Keystone Christian Education Association.  Canaan Christian Academy has been a member of KCEA for over thirty years.


Type of Education:     Traditional


Transcript Explanation:  Grades in the ninth through twelfth grade years are used to calculate the grade point average on a 4.0 scale on the following basis:


Grading Scale


Letter Percent GPA
A+ 99-100% 4.0
A 96-98% 4.0
A- 94-95% 3.67
B+ 91-93% 3.33
B 88-90% 3.0
B- 85-87% 2.67
C+ 82-84% 2.33
C 79-81% 2.0
C- 76-78% 1.67
D+ 74-75% 1.33
D 72-73% 1.0
D- 70-71% 0.67
F Below 70% 0.0


Graduation Requirements:


  •      Bible                                   4 credits
  •      English                               4 credits
  •      Math                                   3 credits
  •      Science                              3 credits
  •      Social Studies                    4 credits
  •      Electives                            4 credits
  •      Foreign Language             1 credit
  •      Physical Education            1 credit
  •               TOTAL                      24 credits


    Students in grades 9-12 must attempt a minimum of 6 credits per year and must earn a total of 24 credits to graduate.