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Our Commitment to You

 A Biblical and Spiritual Base

Our foremost commitment to parents is to educate and guide their students in a learning experience that reflects Biblical truth and fact.  Because education is a vast process, and often complicated, we assess our curriculum on standard education requirements and also incorporate knowledge of church, outreach and service, God-given gifts and calling, and ethics. We focus on character and wisdom as much as knowledge and information.

Ongoing Bible courses and Chapel experiences build a true Biblical Literacy base. The King James version of the Bible is the authority on which our Biblical teachings are based.

As we move into areas such as character formation, morals, family, society, leadership, respect, justice, culture and ethics, students are taught to place Christ at the center of their lives and decision-making process.

Competitive Academics

Your student will be given a well-rounded education in mathematics, history, economics, technology, geography, social studies, health and fitness, sciences, language and literature, and the arts. Each student is afforded ample opportunity to participate in extra credit and extra-curricular activities to broaden the learning experience in those areas for which he or she shows interest and ability.

Civic and Social Responsibility

Today’s society and world-view are often counter-culture to what God intended for man and contrary to what Christian parents desire for their child’s training. This is true in the areas of morals, ethics and lifestyle. But basic understanding of the laws of our society and how government works is essential for all citizens.  Our students are given the knowledge they need to be productive, responsible citizens along with Biblical teachings about authority and citizenship.