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FAQ's about Canaan Christian Academy


What is the Mission and Purpose of Canaan Christian Academy (CCA)?


Canaan Christian Academy is a conservative, Bible-centered educational ministry of Canaan Bible Chapel which desires to work in harmony with Christian parents to provide a quality, godly, disciplined instruction for its students which will equip them to become distinctively Christian citizens and leaders.


Is busing provided for your students?

Yes. Students living in Western Wayne, Wayne Highlands, North Pocono, Wallenpaupack, Lakeland, and Valley View are provided busing.  Students in Pennsylvania are provided busing to any school within a ten-mile radius of the school district in which they live.


Is your Kindergarten full day or half day?

Our kindergarten (five-year-old) is a full day program, five days a week.  Our four-year-old kindergarten (pre-K) is three days a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) full day.


Do you provide textbooks, or do the parents buy them?

CCA provides students textbooks, both consumable and non-consumable.  Parents pay a registration fee of $250 for elementary students and $350 for high school students. This fee provides students with textbooks, standardized testing, yearbook, and participation in KCEA functions.  Students return the non-consumable books at the end of the school year.


Do you have classes for special education students?

While CCA believes that every child should be afforded a Christian education, the Academy does not have a special education program.  We do have a resource teacher onsite to help students who are struggling in classes and who need to develop reading skills.  The resource teacher works alongside of the classroom teacher to provide tutoring, coaching, and instruction in the Barton Reading Program. There is an extra fee  charged for this program.


Do the student or families have to attend Canaan Bible Chapel to attend the Academy?

No.  If you do not have a church home, we would encourage you to attend Canaan Bible Chapel. We have many ministries that meet the need of each family member, from the nursery to children’s programs to adult Sunday School classes.  We find that when the home, the church, and the school are in harmony with each other, the child benefits by hearing the same philosophy and emphasis in all three institutions.


Are scholarships available for students attending CCA?

Yes.  Almost every student enrolling in CCA can apply for EITC scholarships.  We have over 20 businesses that contribute to the EITC scholarship program.  More than two-thirds of our families receive scholarships to help defray the cost of the tuition charged.  Also, CCA is involved in a national program called Scrip.  If a family is involved in this program, they can reduce their child’s tuition each semester just by ordering gift cards to pay for their groceries, gas, and other items they would regularly purchase.  Further information explaining the program is found on our website.


Are your teachers certified?

Yes.  Our teachers are certified through the Keystone Christian Education Association (KCEA).  KCEA reviews each teacher’s credentials (degrees and experience) and has given each a certificate of certification.  Also, KCEA and the Academy require the teachers to continue training and accumulation of CEUs each year.


Do your teachers and staff have all of their clearances?

Yes.  All our teachers and staff have their FBI clearance, PA State Police clearance, and the Child Abuse clearance required of those who come in contact with children on a regular basis.


What kind of instruction do you offer students?

Each class is offered as a traditional classroom.  Most of our textbooks are Christian curricula from BJU Press and Abeka.  CCA has the availability to offer individualized instruction through computers and distance online courses for some upper level classes.  If juniors and senior meet certain qualifications, they also may take college level courses for dual enrollment.  CCA has a rigorous academic program to prepare students for what God has in store for their future.


Is technology taught or used in your classes?

CCA has worked diligently to keep up with technology in the classroom – from teachers learning to use interactive whiteboards to students using computers and iPads.  CCA has most rooms equipped with multimedia projectors, flat screen televisions, or Mimio interactive projectors.  CCA has a computer lab accessible and used by students in grades 1 – 12.


Does CCA have extra-curricular activities?

Yes.  CCA traditionally has interscholastic sports (boys – soccer and basketball; girls – also, soccer and basketball).  All-state Choir and All-state Band are also offered for students in our high school.  Elementary students have opportunity to play intramural basketball in the month of March.


Do your students take standardized tests?

Yes. Students in grades K5 through eleventh grade take the Iowa Achievement Test in the spring.  Students in the fall of their junior year take the PSAT to prepare them for their college board tests.  Before graduation each senior is encouraged to take either the SAT or ACT test.


Does your school follow the Common Core curriculum?

No.  CCA has a rigorous academic program that follows traditional curriculum and biblical values.   After reading and observing the purpose of the Common Core, we believe it does not promote excellence in education.