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Why enroll your child in Canaan Christian Academy?

Canaan Christian Academy supports the ministry of the church by training young people who will be the future leaders of the church and community.  By enrolling your children in the Academy, you are encouraging your children to grow in faith.
The Academy teaches the Word of God and reinforces Biblical principles taught at church and in your home.  We believe a biblical worldview is essential for a child’s future success.
The Academy holds high academic standards.  We believe it is important to prepare our children academically and spiritually to present a positive testimony for Christ. The curriculum taught is Bible-based and promotes Christian values.
The Academy supports yo u as the parent realizing that we are assisting you in the education of your child.  Parental involvement is a key to the success of a child.  Placing your child in the Academy will provide you the opportunity to be the parent without having to be the instructor of the academics as well.
The Academy has experienced faculty and staff who desire to please the Lord and will train your child to learn to please Him. 
The Academy has a wholesome atmosphere that is conducive to the Lord working in lives of young people.  Students at the Academy are taught to have a right view of man and of sin, thus producing a right standing before God.
For the past 40 years, Canaan Christian Academy has supported and encouraged young people to know God, follow His Word, and serve Him with all their heart.