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Yearbook Sentimental Senior Ad Form

Sentimental Yearbook Advertisements

Dear Parent,

CCA offers you a unique way to tell your graduation son or daughter, "I love you, and I'm proud of you".  You can place a sentimental senior ad in their yearbook.  You can see several examples in past yearbooks.  Parents traditionally include baby pictures or other fond photos and a sentimental message.  We will set up your message with your picture(s).  We can even send you a proof, if desired.

Order and pay the office by October 1 and get $15 OFF THE REGULAR PRICE.  After that date, ad space will no longer be reserved for seniors but sold on a first come basis, so order now.

We have an ad size to firt every budget.  Choose a size of 30% page or larger and we will personalize your senior's yearbook cover as a free bonus. Simply fill out the form below and either pay online or send in cash or a check to the school office.  Include traditional pictures for us to scan and a hand-written message or e-mail your sentimental message and pictures (300 dpi.jpg) to holli.ashley@canaanca.org. Take time to say how proud you are. Your message of love and support during these important years will be a lasting memory.

In Christ's service,

Mrs. Holli Ashley & Yearbook Staff

Ad Order Form

Prices listed are regular prices.  Deduct $15 from regular price if paying by October 1. (Business card is one-tenth of a full page and can hold a 1 3/4" or 2" photo and about 150 characters. THe total block of space is a bit smaller than 2" high by 4" wide.)

Email or send your photos in an envelope to school.  Photos will be scanned and returned in the family envelope.  We can enlarge or reduce photos, but you will get better clarify if you choose photos close to the size you would like. 

Email, print, or type your message.

AD SIZE (picas) (6 picas=1 inch)
Answer Required
$425 color
$410 black & white
Full page 47 wide x 59 high
Answer Required
$345 color
$330 black & white
80% page 47 wide x47 high
Answer Required
$265 color
$250 black & white
60% page 47 wide 35 high
Answer Required
$225 color
$210 black & white
Half page vertical, 23 wide X 59 high
Answer Required
$185 color
$170 black & white
40% page vertical or horizontal 47x23
Answer Required
$145 color
$130 black & white
30% page (with free personalized cover)
Answer Required
$95 color
$90 black & white
20% page, 23x23 OR 47x11
Answer Required
$50 color
$45 black & white
10% page (near business card size) 23x11 vertical or horizontal
Answer Required
$10 black & white
Friendship line (no picture, message only - 40 characters max.)
Contact Information
If paying by credit card, type in the amount below. Otherwise, do not type in an amount. You can send a check or cash to the school office.
Answer Required
Confirmation Email