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Asbestos Form (one per family)

Asbestos form

2024/2025 school year


To:  Parents, Teachers and Employees of Canaan Christian Academy 

From:  Michael T. Boole, Principal & LEA AHERA Designee

Asbestos form

The United States government has mandated by law that all elementary and secondary schools be inspected for asbestos. 

As a result, Canaan Christian Academy retained ATEC Environmental Services to perform the asbestos inspection of our facility. The finding, in capsule, is stated below in a quote from their report. 

“Careful inspection of each area found no friable suspected ACM. Material conditions were found to be very good with little potential for damage. Samples tested support these findings. It is hereby documented that Canaan Bible Chapel and Academy contain no friable suspected materials.” 

The full report is available for inspection in the office.


Michael T. Boole, Principal

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