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Today is the day. The day I dread. The day you dread. It is the time when EVERYTHING goes wrong. And we ALL have them.

Honestly, some days just have the words "annoying", "disappointing" and "defeat" written all over them. If you are like me in those moments you don't know how to overcome it. Sometimes the repetitive screw-ups really stifle the ability to see goodness, kindness, or grace. At this point, crawling into bed with your plaid pj's and a piping hot cup of coffee sounds delightfully inviting.

Frustration courses through every vein in my body. I took my irritation out on another person, I neglected the needs of my husband, I prioritized working out over taking that time to pray.

Can I please have a reset button?

A reset button is an awfully tempting thought to entertain. What if you really had one? It would alter the universe! You would be able to take away the snide remarks you shared with a co-worker. It would erase the memory of someone crushing your expectations. It would shatter the string of lies parading across your brain and infecting your soul.

However alluring the power of a reset button may be, I believe it damages the ability to be changed, to be corrected, to be inspired, to be courageous, to be humble.

I can budget time to compose a great encouragement post that strokes our pride and never reaches out to show us the truth about all of our hearts. Days like today accuse you and I of being weak, vulnerable and helpless.

It isn't easy to share the message that rips me to shreds and reminds me that without God I am weak, I am vulnerable and I am helpless. Yet, at the same time this message rebuilds and restores me. It guides me on how to handle my emotions, my insecurities, and my selfishness. It reveals an even greater need for the message. Christ's coming to earth, His death and His resurrection are a BIG deal.

His sacrifice made it possible for you and me to reach out to Him, to no longer be separated by the barrier of sin. To take the days like today and submit them to Him and release the pressure of perfection and expectation. He beckons you to come with your rags of brokenness, shame and guilt so that He can replace those rags with righteousness, peace and love.

Each day is held in the palm of God. I don't need a reset button, I need to trust that when He says, "His power is made perfect in weakness" that it's true. There is grace amidst all the blunders.

Today may be the day that EVERYTHING goes wrong. We naturally all have those days. You choose whether you will keep living in the mistakes or you will look to be changed, to be corrected, to be inspired, to be courageous.

Proverbs 30:5

"Every word of God proves true;
he is a shield to those who take refuge in him."

Run to that which is true in the midst of all that goes wrong.

Written by Mrs. Ashlea Heitner,
Computer Teacher

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